Hennessey Schools Athletic Director Paul Hix shared his vision for the future of Hennessey athletic programs with the school board.  Hix said, “These are a few things I would like to consider”.

He said we have a good mix of kid’s weight wise for a wrestling program.  Hix said, “Wrestling is a very inexpensive sport to start and operate, and with the new event center we could hold tournaments.  These bring a lot of people to town for several days helping our business and hotels.” 

Hix would like to consider moving all 6th grade athletic programs to community based.  This is already happening with football. Superintendent Dr. Woods said, “These community based programs could still use the school equipment such as helmets and equipment.”  This would free up coach stipends that could be used for other programs. 

The new athletic training facility at the dome will be the most state of the art in the area and will be managed by Athletic Trainer, Kylee Warne. Hix said,”They could consider making this service available to the smaller school systems in the area that don’t have trainers and facilities of their own.”  He said, “This could be a profit center for the school system.” 

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