Dear Hennessey FFA & Ag Booster Club supporters,

First, we want to thank you for supporting the Hennessey FFA throughout the years by purchasing Blue & Gold sausage/Dj’s Meat, shop projects, and your donations to the Ag Booster Club Annual Calf Fry and Labor Auction. The money raised has funded numerous trips, contest entry fees, shop projects, and updated the classroom and the shop with new materials made possible by generous contributions from great supporters.

 We would like to make a special recognition to Jack Painter and the Hennessey Masonic Lodge for their recent efforts. The “Masons and Hennessey FFA Partnering in Cans for Kids,” has led to another fundraising opportunity for the FFA. Collectively, with funds raised through the Mason’s donation, meat and shop project sales, and the labor auction, the chapter has recently been able to purchase new officer shirts and twenty-two official FFA jackets. Through grant, FFA, and Ag Booster Club funds, we have been able to buy a state of the art PEMF therapy machine called “Magna Wave”. This machine is a pulsed electromagnetic field therapy that will be used on student livestock projects. All students will get hands on training using a holistic approach to therapy without the use of pain relieving drugs. Additionally, they will get exposure to a new, emerging business model that is quickly gaining popularity across the country. On behalf of the entire Hennessey FFA Chapter, we sincerely appreciate your support!


Hennessey FFA