Well, maybe not… In true Richard Simunek style, the historic Sinclair Gas station on Main Street got 3 new items this week. 3 vintage gas pump replicas were installed that are similar to what the station had back in the day. As the sign on the garage door states, the station will be the John C. Karcher Museum of Energy and Hennessey Visitor Center. The black and white photos are of this actual building many years ago.

Richard said, “I have informed the Town Council, I am giving the Sinclair bldg. to the town.” In a letter All About Hennessey received from Richard he said, “I thought the bldg. had sold. But one day Jack Quirk stopped by and asked me to buy the building. I am so glad he did. I have received many offers to buy the bldg. since, including one person who would tear down the bldg. He wanted the lot, not the bldg. I also want to thank Mr. And Mrs. Clinton Bailey who chose to sell the bldg. to me instead of taking one of the many offers they had already received. As Clinton stated to me. “We know you will do something nice with it so we want you to have it.” To me, this is another affirmation of Hennessey citizens wanting to save and protect our historical bldgs. on Main Street. Anyone who wants to take a picture of their motorcycle or car in front of the pumps and gas station, feel free to do so.”

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