Starting the end of JULY- All Poly-carts will be picked up and replaced with new carts. IF you are a customer with two carts, only one cart will be replaced. You will have to contact Town Hall at 405-853-2416 to have a second cart delivered.

AUGUST New Days will start as follows:

Residents who reside inside city limits:
Currently Monday-Thursday will have Monday pickup

Residents who reside in city limits
Currently Tuesday-Friday pickup will now have Tuesday pickup.

All customers outside city limits will be picked up on Tuesday. This includes Ike’s Acres, Miller Heights, Gritz Acres.

1st Wednesday – Residential customers in Town Limits west of Main
2nd Wednesday – Residential customers that are East of Main and North of Oklahoma.
3rd Wednesday- Residential customers that are East of Main and South of Oklahoma and North of 7th Street
4th Wednesday – All Residential Customers south of 7th Street whether it be east or west of Hwy 81

Rate Changes
Residential customers in-town with a minimum water use of (1,000 gallons or less) will notice a $2.01 increase on their August monthly utility bill which is a
4% increase.

Out-of-towners a $2.24 month increase, which is a increase of 4.8%. The current minimum in-town residential utility bill is $48.04, and will be $50.05.

Out-of-town minimum-use residential customers who pay $45.76 will have a $58.00 bill.

Commercial water users in town will pay $25 for the fi rst 1,000 gallons as opposed to the current $16.54 rate, and that same cost applies to sewer service.

Rural water users will pay $35 for the minimum 1,000 gallons instead of $24.26, and bulk users will pay $32.45 instead of $30.90.

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