My name is Adriana Gonzalez I am 15 years old. I am a Hennessey High School student. I participate in Volleyball and Softball. My love of horses started since I was a little kid when my dad would let me ride horses with him. My dad loved taking me and my siblings to rodeos, and I was always in awe of the barrel racers. I started doing barrels in the 5th grade and continue to do so now. I am running in the Kingfisher Rodeo sponsored by Kingfisher Roundup Club for Rodeo Queen! My goal is to sell 400 or more tickets. You can also donate money. With the donated money there would be donated tickets, and they will go to the boy and girls home or anyone you’d like to give the tickets to! The tickets you buy count as an entrance ticket to the event.I would greatly appreciated if you purchased a ticket or tickets to help in my running of rodeo queen! *Contact me at (580) 791-2928 for any questions or if you’re Interested in buying tickets. *Advanced tickets are 6 dollars, *Gate tickets are 8 dollars. The rodeo will be held 13th and 14th of august in Kingfisher.

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