Monday, June 14th was superintendent Jason Sternberger’s first official meeting.  During the superintendent’s report, Mr. Sternberger reported that the financial activities general fund will end with about 2.9 million. He stated that this is very good despite loss of gross production and the tax protest with wind farms,  He stated that based on future income predictions, the building is fund is predicted to be around 715 thousand. 

Sternberger spoke on what he would like to see on improvements outside at the schools sports facilities. This is in addition to the interior flood repairs. He proposed repainting baseball trim, and area, moving the football field visitor entrance the entrance to the west side between field house and Mitchell road, with ADA accesible sidewalk, making improvements to the Softball field dugouts, eventually improving the concession stands and locker rooms, resurfacing the track was also discussed with different options for fix. Mr. Sternberger stated that he is still considering the options and cost.  

Finally there was discussion about moving the bus barn to the southwest corner of the practice field building a lean to type bus barn and adding concessions,restrooms and locker rooms that could be split. Moving the bus barn, would make it faster to evacuate children if needed.  The old barn would be repurposed and used for projects like votech. watch video HERE

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