by AAH Angela Bruner

The Great Race kicked off at 9 AM sharp on July 4th with 8 teams and 24 contestants ready to take on a crazy mix of challenges. From dodgeball with water pelting courtesy of the Hennessey Fire Department to wheelbarrow racing, it was all in good fun!

Teams raced around, playing everything from water kickball to archery and even reciting poems (who knew that was a skill needed for a race?). They dug through sand for pill bottles like buried treasure and ended with a hilarious game of Punt, Pass & Kick, and then finally found those elusive keys to unlock the prizes!

In the end, the top spots went to the speediest competitors: 1st place was… drumroll, please… Team #5, Kevin Trillo, Garrett Vinson, and Blainy Sturgill, in 2nd place. Team #3, with Amy Hochstrasser, Brice, and Laura Moulton, with the #7 Wymore team of Jennifer, Morgan, and Daxson nabbing 3rd place.

Donations were made by Lacey Copeland (Mercantile Salon), Community State Bank, Farm Bureau, and All About Hennessey.  Helpers included: Melissa Macy, Bobby Johns, Aunti Johns, Macee Smith, Tim Tiddle, Scotty Hajek, Karel Hajek, Jewel Babiak, Nathan Parker, Sierra Burch, Julianna Macee, Tate Choate, Ryker Painte, Mason McGee, Sonya McGee, Mike McGee, Ashley Zielney, Danyon Wymore, Barry Crosswhite, Cathy Howard, Steven Mitchell, Kim Gritz, Carol and John Peach, Ish Engle, Chasity Fipps, Kyle Keeton, Terry Berkenbile, Cameron Walters, and Bryan Burch.

This would not have been possible without each and every person who helped in all areas, from planning to setting up, playing the game, and cleaning up, and those who donated items to keep the price down and make a profit for the Back to School Bash.

Big kudos to Shelley Burch and the Lion’s Club for putting on such a fantastic event. Here’s to more crazy races and good times ahead! Photos by AAH Angie Bruner & Libby Seiger