4T’s Makes Trade Cover

The American Hereford Association has honored 4T’s by placing them on the cover of its monthly trade magazine. In three short years, 4T’s Family Market has become the flagship retailer for Certified Hereford Beef in Northwestern Oklahoma.
4T’s has built a reputation of quality on its exceptional meat department, and the addition of CHB was the next logical step. According to Tim and Terry Taylor, owners/operators of 4T’s, they chose the CHB due to the longstanding quality of the breed, which has existed since the 1700s, and the support offered by the American Hereford Association.
The AHA is the oldest breed association in the country and exists as a not-for-profit association that supports ranchers.  CHB cattle must pass ten strict standards overseen by the USDA.  CHB is one of the few major beef brands to be owned by ranchers across the country.  4B Herefords, located just east of Hennessey, is owned and operated by the Prible family, and Cindy is on the Board of Directors of AHA.
CHB has given 4T’s a point of differentiation in a very competitive market.  Tim Taylor, spokesman for 4T’s, says, “It is the best beef they have ever sold. CHB has allowed us to have choice beef at an affordable price. The quality is proven on your table.”