New School Parking Approved 

The Hennessey Public Schools Board of Trustees met on Monday. March at noon, for a special meeting on March 25th to discuss the open bids for the paving of 2 parking areas. They decided to move forward with the Base Bid which would create additional parking at the old tennis courts to the north of the football field and the west of the baseball/softball fields. The bid was awarded to Hembree and Hodgson Construction LLC from Ponca City. 

This new parking area will tie into the town-owned parking for the pool to the north and will match in appearance and lighting.

Work is estimated to begin this summer and be completed before the 2024 – 2025 School Year starts. It was decided to hold off on the 2nd parking area south of the Field House along the street fence line. It was discussed that they may be making changes to the football field house that would affect the south parking area so it would be best to hold off on that project for now.