Three from Hennessey participated in kicking off the Memorial Day weekend Friday evening (May 26th) during the opening ceremonies for the David Allen Memorial Ballpark Junior College, World Series in Enid.

Hennessey’s Judge Robert Lovell, WWll Vet, Jack Toney, a Vietnam Vet, and event coordinator Elaine Dawson-Johns participated in an emotional narrative on the ball field while carrying a torch to honor veterans.

Robert Lovell carried the torch from home plate to first base, then handed it off to Dewey King a Korean War veteran. King carried the torch to second base and then handed it off to Jack Toney.  Toney carried the torch to 3rd base and handed it off to Lt. Col Christina Hopper, currently serving in the US Airforce and former F16 fighter pilot. Hopper carried the torch to the Home plate and she was met by two 100-year-old World War II veterans, both Army Air Corps shot down in a B-24 and B-17 in the European theater. Photos by Jack Quirk – All About Hennessey.