Design For Disaster!s

by Ish Engle

Recently, Scissortail Play Productions, directed by Tammy Berry presented “Design for Disaster”, a melodrama. Hosted by the Wellness Mercantile of Hennessey, the dinner theater was a roaring success. Berry, a seasoned actress and director, hosted the show to benefit Hennessey High School’s Speech and Debate team. 

Scissortail Play Productions formed in Enid. Berry started the group, “to bring enjoyable theatre to your venue while helping fundraise for the organization of your choosing. The goal is to provide good entertainment while having fun and to help with fundraising goals of the group or organization we serve”. 

The cast had some seasoned actors with Leslie Mooers, Brice Donaldson, and David Yirka steadying the ship. It also had some newcomers to the stage with Cindy Tubbs, and Hennessey’s own Kim Gritz and Ish Engle. Berry did a wonderful job with the help of Mooers who did double duty as Assistant Director. The cast grew close and had a wonderful time preparing for the show.

The plot is simple and had many of the surprise turns you would expect. The story follows Kay Arkay, founder and owner of Arkay Fashions, Inc., who has a group of investors willing to become her partners. But the investors turn out to be the Corduroy brothers, Smert, Skip and Eddy and, her problems are just beginning. Will evil Smert manage to gain total control of Kay’s company? Will brother Skip follow Smert down the path of crime? Can beautiful Hyacinth Smith win Skips heart? Is Cocoa Ferragamo, Kay’s trusted pal, able help Kay overcome Smert’s foul intentions? And what about Eddy? We found out the unexpected answers in: DESIGN FOR DISASTER!s