Massage by Stefanie Smith


In need of some relaxation or help with relieving stress? Stefanie Smith, a licensed massage therapist, might just be the person to help give you that, when you need it the most.

Stefanie attended Integrated Massage Therapy in Edmond, Oklahoma in 2018. Currently Stefanie serves the Hennessey area 2 days a week, Tuesday, and Fridays. She has been serving Hennessey for over 5 years. When she is not serving her Hennessey clients you will find her at Elements Massage in Oklahoma City. 

For the first few years she was working alongside chiropractor, Joren Whitley, after he moved on from Hennessey, she saw a need to stay, Stefanie said, “I decided to stay here to help the town.” Stefanie has always wanted to be a part of the medical field and by becoming a massage therapist she knew that her clients would always be happy to see her and that speaks for itself.

She has built relationships with her clients over the 5 years in Hennessey and enjoys being able to help each one of them with their specific needs. Stefanie stated, “I was told in elementary school that if you love what you do, you will never work a day of your life and that is how I feel about what I do, I love being able to help people at any stage of their life whether it’s for medical reasons or just to relax.”

Stefanie specializes in many massage styles including deep tissue massage, help with sciatic and back pain, migraines, medical massages, pain management, prenatal, reflexology, as well as CBD. She loves to incorporate the medical side of massage therapy because it can be beneficial to your overall health. Not only does she have an office right here in town for your convenience, but she will also happily make house calls with all the supplies needed to allow you to relax in the comfort of your own home. She enjoys doing special events such as wedding parties, birthdays, and even having a chair massage day at the office or workplace.

She is by appointment only and works with your schedule to accommodate your needs. To make yourself or a loved one an appointment on Tuesday or Friday call 405-657-0717.  Stefanie Smith believes in offering affordable rates starting at only $1 per minute, with some upcharges for house calls, CBD, and reflexology. Follow Stefanie Smith Massage on Facebook to see weekly available openings. She is located at 400 E. Jack Choate Ave. 

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