Deadline to Move

Mary’s Tire Repair, and the oil field company located behind the tire shop at the corner of Hwy 51 and N, Mitchell Rd were given a deadline of October 7th to vacate.  Last August this property went up for public auction and the school was the winning bidder on the 2.75-acre tract.  Hennessey School Superintendent Jason Sternberger said “There are 2 businesses operating on the property and it is not our intent to shut them down. We want to clean up the corner and make it presentable.” With this purchase, the school now owns the entire half-mile of land along the east side of Mitchell road. The property was purchased for $81,400 plus closing cost.  There was a discussion at last week’s Board of Education meeting about what to do with the property.  They talked about selling the metal building at the sealed bid and possibly installing a marquee for the school at the corner. 

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