The Hennessey Splash Pad will open on May 1st, and the Aquatic Center is scheduled to open on May 21st. Julianna Macy (center) will be the pool manager. Assistant managers are Emily Root (right) and Wade Vinson (left). At the last Town Council meeting Town, Administrator Tiffany Tillman said, “Almost all of the private party’s times are already sold out.” They will start filling the pool shortly and will begin preparing both for their opening dates.


Pricing and Hours:

Up to 2 yrs. $2.003-17 yrs. $3.0018 – 64 yrs. $4.00

65+ yrs. $2.00

Individual pass $75.00

Individual plus 1 pass $100

A family of 4 season passes for $150 (must be in the same household)

Adult Water walking 11:00 am – 12:00pmThe pool will open on May 21, 2022

Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday will be night swims from 7 – 9 p.m.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday will be pool party nights Pool party reservations on April 1st for the 2022 summer season.

Parties can start on May 21st through September 3rd. Parties can be on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday. Saturdays parties can be scheduled for either 6:30-8:30 pm or 9:00-11:00 pm. Pricing for parties is $200.To reserve a party date there is a $50 deposit.

THE POOL WILL BE OPEN ON WEEKENDS THROUGH LABOR DAY WEEKENDCall the town hall for details 405-853-2416

POOL HOURS: Monday – Saturday 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm Sunday 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm

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