Large Fire West of Hennessey

Hennessey firefighters responded to a brush fire about 1:30 pm this afternoon, located one mile south of the Turkey Creek Golf Course west of Hennessey. (5 west, 1 south, ½ west on the south side) The fire started near the south end of a rural housing addition and quickly moved to the north. As the fire moved through a wooded area, it got close to several homes, but none were lost. There were several explosions as the fire consumed several cars and propane tanks.  

According to the fire report, during the fire, an unidentified male arrived on the scene saying he needed to go in and get his kids. Instead, the individual took off into the woods, and they couldn’t find him.   Shortly after, Kingfisher County deputies were called to help with traffic and see about the missing man. 

No injuries were reported. Hennessey fire was assisted by Dover, Ames, Drummond, Waukomis, Douglas, Kremlin, Pioneer, and Hunter. The crews started wrapping up the scene at about 4 pm. 

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