This week, Oklahoma city: Rep. Rick West, R-Heavener won unanimous committee passage of a bill that will grant students involved in 4-H activities or projects an excused absence from school so their grades will not be adversely affected.

House Bill 2991 prohibits schools from marking students with an unexcused absence if they participate in 4-H activities approved by the county 4-H educator. The student must provide documented proof of their participation and be allowed to make up any missed work.

“This bill is just saying that kids involved in 4-H programs can’t be penalized when they miss school for taking part in approved activities,” West said. “This is a terrific organization that serves students across the state of Oklahoma. Because it is not considered a school activity, however, participants have to rely on the goodwill of their individual schools or school boards to determine if they will be counted with an excused or an unexcused absence when they attend leadership programs, livestock shows, judging contests or one of the many other activities offered. This bill ensures across-the-board protection for these students.”

HB2991 passed the House Common Education with a vote of 12-0. As a result, it is now eligible to be heard on the House floor.  

Shelley Muzny, the Hennessey 4H leader said,  Shelley, said, “our chapter is more than just showing animals. We do food showdown, speeches, field trips, livestock judging, ATV safety, etc.” If you have interest in joining the 4H, contact Shelley Muzny at 405-853-5541

Photo: The Hennessey chapter of the 4H on a recent field trip to Enid Live Stock Sale Barn.

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