Big Controlled Burn Close to Town

Tuesday, March 15th about 7:30 pm, a large controlled burn on the southeast corner of Hennessey got the attention of many in town.  Hennessey Reserve Police officer Bryan Burch said, “It was getting really close to the edge of town, so I called in the Fire Department.”   

The fire, located east of the corner of 7th and Mitchell, southeast of Hennessey, lit up the sky and could be seen for miles.  The fire got into some cedar trees right on the edge of 7thstreet.  Residents were concerned if it crossed 7th St. it could move into city limits.  Hennessey Fire Fighters responded and found that it was contained to a small group of trees and the farmer had it under control.  

Dry conditions gave way to rain on Thursday evening as a front brought heavy rain and severe weather to some areas.  Area farmers took advantage of the conditions and burned stubble and pastures through the weekend.  Heavy rain fell all day on Monday, March 21 bringing some much-needed moisture to the area. 

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