Charles Grimes, commonly known as “Chuck” is the founder of family-owned Grasslander™ and Grasslander Ranch. Chuck moved to Hennessey in 1946 and graduated from Hennessey High School. In 1960 he obtained a degree in Range Management from OSU. He then went on to work for the USDA Soil Conservation Service, now known as the NRCS, before he founded Grasslander. Chuck has a wide range of experience as a range conservationist and continues to work with companies and individuals in proper natural resource management and ecological restoration. His Grasslander companies are made up of Grasslander Seeder equipment, Wildlife-Prairie Seed Mixtures, and Longhorn/Angus Grass-Fed Beef.

Grasslander creates and sells its own seed mixtures known as Multiple Native Species Planting Mixtures. They are used for Grazing animals, Wildlife, and Bees. Certain mixtures have up to 100 native wildflower species and 20 native grasses! These can include 4 different species of Milkweed for Monarch Butterflies that help them reproduce and harvest Yellow Crownsbeard which provides a refueling spot for their journey south to Mexico! Chuck also invented and manufactured a native grass seeder which he started prototyping, using, and manufacturing in 1971. He has sold his Grasslander planting equipment to farmers across the U.S. which are designed to be easy to calibrate, offer low maintenance, produce a uniform seedbed, and is 99.9% Clog-Free. The Grasslander seeders come in 4’, 5’, 8’, 10’, 12’, and 15’ configurations. Putting his principles to practice, Chuck and his wife Beverly also offer healthy 100% Grass-Fed Beef. No stimulants, pesticides, or animal by-products are used when raising the Longhorn/Angus cross Cattle. You can place custom meat orders directly with Chuck or find Grasslander Grass-Fed Beef items at the Wellness Mercantile in Hennessey! You can contact Chuck Grimes at 580-747-4356 or email Grasslander@pldi.net and learn more by visiting his website at www.grasslander.com

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