Pre-K and Kindergarten Tour the Town

Pre-K and Kindergarten visit the Hennessey Police Department, Fire Department, Post Office, and Town Library.

Last Thursday, September 9th, Hennessey Pre-K and Kindergarten students received a tour of the Hennessey Police Department. First, Officer Pitts and Officer Loper gave the kids a tour of the jail and booking facilities. Next, they looked at the inside of a police car and talked on the loudspeaker, and Mrs. Roni explained her job as a dispatcher.

The kids were then on to the Post Office, where they met Mr. Witt, the postmaster, and received a tour, learning how the mail is organized. Next, the kindergarten class mailed a picture to themselves and found out that the envelopes would make it to Oklahoma City and back before it came to them.

On Friday, September 10th, the students paid a visit to the Hennessey Fire Department. They sprayed water from the firehose and crawled through one of the fire trucks. They also got a tour of the fire station, tried on bunker gear, and even honked the horn on the fire truck!

Then last but not least, they paid a visit to Mrs. Lindsey at the Town Library. Mrs. Linsey gave a tour of the children’s area and the resources available to them and their families!

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