The last of the concrete was poured to complete the roof on the new Hennessey Processing Plant on Tuesday afternoon, September 14.   The 4200 square foot building is constructed using the ICF system (Insulated Concrete Forms) that consists of 2 layers of heavy Styrofoam with about a 6-inch space in-between where concrete is poured.   This makes a very structurally sound building that is heavily insulated with a storm shelter hardening.   

The contractor Jay Ladwig said, “This is going to be highly energy-efficient and will be perfect for refrigerated areas for meat storage.”  Ladwig said he has built about 100 of these types of buildings using the ICF system. 

The business is owned by Susan and Mark Henry, and Travis Davis.  It is located on new Cheyenne St, on the north side of Hwy 51 across from the Pizza Hut, in the new Parks Addition being developed by Scott Hajek.

The Proposed opening date is November.

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