The job of a first responder is a difficult one.  You never know when responding, what you will face.  Highway patrol does everything from responding to traffic collisions, natural disasters, civil disorders and motorist assist, They also have airborne, marine, dive, motorcycles, bomb squad and a tactical team.  These men and women are highly trained academically, physically and mentally.  

Jay Jech, a Hennessey 2021 graduate, has grown up in the Oklahoma Highway Patrol family. His father Jeff, has been a OHP trooper for 19 years. You could say it’s in his blood. From a very young age, Jay has known that this was the job for him. 

Recently Jay attended the 47th Oklahoma Cadet Lawman Academy held at Connors State College in Warner Oklahoma. Cadets participated in live air to ground traffic patrols with cadets riding in the OHP aircraft while Troopers made traffic stops on the ground. The Cadets were also trained in basic driving techniques, precision and accuracy, while having hands-on experience in the patrol cars. Jay said “My favorites were driving fast and shooting guns”. At the academy, he received special recognition for his shooting skill, winning quickest shot. Jay was selected for the 47th Cadet Lawman Academy John Curtis Spokesperson Award where he prepared and delivered his speech at the graduation in front of his Academy graduates and peers. 

Jay’s plan is to attend SWOSU this fall majoring in Parks & Recreation. SWOSU the only CLEET Collegiate Officer Program in the western half of Oklahoma. Jay will graduate with both a degree and a full-time Oklahoma law enforcement certification. He has not decided which path his law enforcement career will take, but knows this is the job for him and looks forward to his future as a first responder.  

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