Northern Kingfisher Count went under a tornado warning Thursday afternoon (May 27th) about 2pm.  Two significant storms developed about this time, one just east of Hennessey and one southwest of Dover.  The southern storm pounded Dover with very heavy rain and high winds causing damage to several homes.   No actual tornado was spotted but the high winds ripped the roof off a trailer home and a large tree fell on a home causing roof damage.  A large OG&E power transmission line broke off west of Dover causing some outages.  Kingfisher County Emergency Manager Steve Loftis said, “We got about 2 inches of rain in about an hour causing some localized flooding.  We were very fortunate that no one was injured.”  

The Dover Schools construction site was completely under water with the heavy rain and several streets were flooded.   Kingfisher didn’t receive any damage but there was some localized flooding.  

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