Hennessey Middle School and Hennessey High School teachers would like to thank the Hennessey Educational School Foundation for funding these 2020-2021 Grants for Teachers. Outstanding Grants Awarded:*Moving Chairs – Debbie Hladik*Say Cheese – Elizabeth Curran*Graphic Design Introduction – Elizabeth Curran*Lights, Document Camera, Learn – Lisa Bossa*Worms Are Our Friends – Kim Fehring*mBot Part Deux* – Kim Fehring*Full STEAM Ahead – Cheyenne Baxter, Janell Edsell, Kim Fehring, Valerie Shamburg, Frances Streck, Randi Simpson*Can you hear me now? – Kim Fehring*Coding Raspberry Pi – Patrick Courtney*Arts and Crafts – Jennifer Ullery*Recreado el Canon: Diversifying the English Curriculum – Jenna Matousek*Grammatically Correct – Linzie Briley, Kaylena Grellner, Lezlie Hardin, Stacy Ward*Music FUNdamental – Beth Berkenbile*All Eyes On the Teacher – Lezlie Hardin*Inquiring Minds Want to Know – Valerie Shamburg*WWII Research – Jennifer Ullery

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