The Hennessey Board of Trustees approved the purchase of a new 2020 Ford Explorer, Police Interceptor, Hybrid Police Car.  The car has full time all-wheel drive and will come ready to use fully outfitted with all of the necessary equipment.  The board questioned that this is a hybrid and how it will perform.  Hennessey Police Chief Ed Cangiano said, “It has 313 horsepower and a top speed of 137 mph.  It performs as good as a normal gas only car.  It has a savings of about $3400 per year in gas costs.”

Ed also said, “I was looking for a way to save on gas mileage.  The current Explorers get about 13 miles per gallon. The new hybrid version will get about 24 MPG.  A great deal of the day the cars are idling, these cars go into battery mode and use no gas, and the battery is guaranteed for 8 years.”

The car will be purchased using the special restricted emergency budget and will not come out of the general fund.  (Stock photo not actual car)

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