The Hennessey Board of Education voted at this week’s special meeting to purchase 6 mass thermal imaging scanners and 8 single use scanners. The mass scanners will be set up at the entrance door of each of the school buildings. As each person passes by, the device scans everyone in a crowd. If someone in the crowd has temperature over 100.4 the devise sends an alert and a photo to an administrator’s app. The person that tripped the 100.4 temperature sensor is then sent to a trained teacher or the school nurse for evaluation. Superintendent Dr. Mike Woods told the board, “This will help catch anyone that maybe sick before it can spread.” School board member Patrick Griffin said, “This is a way to stop all types of sickness before it comes into a building even after the Covid-19.” Dr. Woods told the board that they are implementing many new safety procedures including installing hand sanitizer stations in every room.

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