Hennessey High School Principal Angela Avlia held a 90 minute Zoom meeting Thursday afternoon to go over the 2020 graduation plans.  About 50 students and parents attended the online meeting.  Avlia laid out the reasons and restrictions that led to the decision to conduct the graduation outside in the Event Center parking lot.  All of the students and parents had the opportunity to ask questions and to offer suggestions.  The number one question was why we can’t have the event in the football field or at a different location off campus.  Avila pointed out that there were several factors that were beyond the school’s control. The state board of education has mandated that all school facilities are closed until the start of the 20-21 school year.  Restrictions to large gatherings that relate to school are still in effect. Therefore, the event cannot be held inside any school buildings or at the football field.   

There were many questions about moving the event to another location off school property.  Avila said regardless of where it is held it is still a school event so the same restrictions apply making a traditional ceremony not possible. 

Avila noted that all this can change in a moment’s notice depending on what the state board of education does.  As of now the date is set for May 12th, but they are keeping a close eye on how the state restrictions go and can adjust with a venue change or a date change.  As it stands, the event will be held outside in the Eagle Event Center parking lot.  All the seniors will pull their cars up to the stage with their family and walk across the stage while their accolades are read.  Parents can be front and center taking photos and there will be a professional photographer taking photos.  All of the speeches, scholarships, and awards will take place at the same time.   The event will be broadcast on FM radio so the other classmates and families in the area will hear everything that is going on.  It will also be broadcast live on Facebook for all to follow along. 

Baccalaureate is not a school function so it would be up to the Hennessey Ministerial alliance to decide how to handle that event.

As of now, there will be no prom.  We will update you as we get closer to the date and advise you of any changes that may come about.

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