WE’RE GOING IN – THE HENNESSEY DOME – EPISODE 3 The Hennessey dome structure is now complete and this project this is on a fast track. In this episode I’m going to show you what’s been happening inside and what’s to come. I’m Jack Quirk and were Going In! Just a few months ago in the last episode of Going In, The Dome was just inflated and work had just begun. Over the winter the entire inside of the structure was insulated, an enormous steel rebar skeleton was built and then was encased in concrete creating a solid FEMA rated structure. The man behind this gigantic construction phase is Mark Sorenson of South Industry’s. Mark is the dome project superintendent and he and his crew have brought this phase of the dome structure to completion. Now Up to this point big fans were used to hold this structure up. This week they turned off the blowers, cut out the doors and windows, and started the steel work for the lobby, offices and meeting room, and this athletic training room at the rear of the dome. Up to last week this entire structure was built Mark and his crew. But this week all that changed as the inside structure was completed. Now there are about a dozen contractors all moving like ants to get their part of the dome done. The steel workers are installing the beams for the main lobby and the training room at the rear of the building. The brick arrived and will start going up any day. The electrical contractors have the main electric lines now in place. And the plumbers will start any time now. To help show you what is going on during this phase of the construction process I have mounted a time lapse camera on the celling of the dome 70 feet up to capture the build out of the inside. The projected completion date is this November, just in time for basketball season. So there you have it over the next few weeks this building will change dramatically as more and more contractors arrive to do their part. As work continues I will give you a front row seat with updates as the inside and outside are built out. I’m Jack Quirk and I will see you on the next episode of Were Going In! This video made possible by KJ FilmWorks

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